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The solution to so many of your health problems is simple: eating clean and healthy foods.

The best way to find out which foods are causing you problems and which are not, is using an elimination diet. That means eliminating problem foods from your diet for 30 days. Then you reintroduce them and find out whether you can handle them or not.

This means taking out alcohol, sugar, dairy, caffeine, pork, foods containing gluten and processed foods containing all sorts of additives and preservatives.

“No way I can do that” - you think!

Oh, yes you can! Let me help you!


Improve your lifestyle, learn to know your body, lose weight and improve your health!

Here’s how the 30 Days of Clean Eating work:

  1. Prep Week: Getting you ready for the 30 Days and setting you up for success.
  2. 30 Days of Clean Eating with meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, prep guides, motivation and information on clean eating, health and nutrition.
  3. Another 30 Days to reintroduce the foods you have eliminated and testing their effect on your body.

what's included in the 30 days of clean eating program

30 Days of Clean Eating Meal Plans

  • Designed to ensure you are eating only the clean healthy foods you should be eating
  • Still enjoy deliciously gorgeous foods
  • All meals of the day, breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner for a whole month!
  • All meals have the right combination of the macronutrients, proteins, fats and carbohydrates to stabilise your blood sugar and ensure even energy levels throughout the day
  • The meals include no trouble foods, such as gluten, dairy or sugar
  • No more “what should I have for dinner?”
  • You don’t need to think or plan - it’s all done for you!
  • AND another 30 days of meal plans to reintroduce trouble foods so that you can test them out…

Over 100 Easy, Delicious Recipes!

I’ve carefully selected my best and most convenient clean eating recipes to show you just how easy and delicious it can be to eat clean! You are going to love them and how good they make you feel.

  • No crazy long ingredients lists - short and simple
  • No need to be a masterchef - easy and simple to make
  • Quick and easy - because I know that you don’t have time for epic cooking sessions!
  • Family friendly. You don’t have to eat one thing while everyone else eats something else.

Quick, easy, delicious and family friendly - what more can you want?!


Detailed Shopping Lists

  • A list of staples to always have to hand
  • A weekly shopping list - everything you need for the coming week
  • Everything organised for you
  • Just tick off the things you already have and do one easy weekly shop for the rest
  • No wasted food
  • No wasted money on food that is then thrown away

I couldn’t help you more unless I literally went to the store for you myself!

A Prep Guide for Each Week

  • Everything you need to be as organised as possible
  • Prep ahead so that things are quick and easy during the busy work week
  • Make food ahead of time and warm it up
  • Prep ingredients so you can make a gorgeous meal in minutes after a long day at work

I’ve done all the organizing, planning and thinking for you, so you don’t have to!

Learn about Clean Eating and Health

  • What you need to know about clean eating, health and nutrition
  • Daily little emails with learning nuggets and motivation
  • I’ll teach you things to make continuing your clean eating easier after the 30 days
  • Learn what foods to eat for optimum health and why
  • Short videos
  • Worksheets
  • PDF handouts

Knowledge is power and motivation to keep going with your new healthy lifestyle!

Handy Printable Format- well, except the videos of course!

Everything will become available day-by-day in the members area:

  • Full color PDF versions of the meal plans, recipes, shopping lists and prep guides to use on your computer, tablet or mobile
  • Simplified black and white versions to print
  • Print the shopping list to take to the store with you
  • Keep the prep guide handy in the kitchen
  • All the meal plans and recipes to have in the kitchen
  • All the information sheets and worksheets in downloadable PDF format that you can print out.*

*I recommend getting a binder to collect all this into a comprehensive clean eating guide to last you for life. Make sure to include a section for collecting any great clean eating recipes you may find in the future!

Oh and yes - you have access to all this for life - well, while I’m alive, anyway. ;)

All Your Questions Answered

  • Access to an exclusive members only forum
  • Ask me anything about clean eating, health and exercise


Exercise Program!

  • 4-6 weeks worth of exercises
  • Do the exercises without equipment or buy basic equipment for even more effectiveness
  • Exercise whenever, wherever, at home, at the gym, outside ...
  • Self-Myofascial release to release muscle tightness
  • Warm up exercises to get your body ready and prevent injury
  • 4-6 week core program to strengthen and tone
  • Stretches to increase mobility and prevent injuries

Adding exercise to your clean eating program will give you even better results and help you:

  • Lose weight
  • Get rid of sore muscles, aches and pains
  • Increase your mobility and flexibility
  • Improve your confidence and lift your mood
  • Gain more energy and improve your sleep
  • Tackle stress
  • Balance your blood sugar
  • Improve your immune system
  • Improve your digestion
  • Oh - and improve your sex life!

Meal Ideas Lists

Lists of ideas for all meals of the day:

  • Breakfasts
  • Snacks
  • Lunches
  • Dinners!

Never run out of ideas again!

Who Is David - The Clean Viking?

Aged 15, David Kristinsson – aka The Clean Viking – broke his leg skiing and needed rehabilitation. He bought membership at his local gym and after that there was no turning back. He started working as a personal trainer at 17 and competed in his first fitness competition at 18.

In the fitness world David fell into the trap of supplements, powders and pills until eventually at 21 (in 2003) his digestive system and overall health crashed. He decided to throw out the pills and powders and turned to clean eating and hasn’t looked back since.

Today David runs his own very successful gym, Heilsuþjálfun, in Akureyri in the north of Iceland. He works as a trainer and lectures extensively on training, nutrition and lifestyle using a holistic approach. To date, over 7 thousand people have been through is 30 Days of Clean Eating course and his book, 30 Days – A Way to a Better Lifestyle, is a bestseller.

David is a certified IAK personal trainer from Keilir Health Academy and a holistic health and golf trainer, as well as nutrition and lifestyle trainer from C.H.E.K Institute in the USA. He has trained a number of personal trainers throughout the years, most notably IAK trainers at Keilir. He continues to add to his knowledge and frequently travels abroad to attend courses and conferences.

As a busy father of three, and throughout years of working with his clients, David knows all the challenges of maintaining a clean eating lifestyle in the whirlwind of a busy family and working life. That’s one of the reasons he has developed the 30 Days of Clean Eating Program so that it is not only healthy and delicious, but also easy and family friendly.David - The Clean Viking

David is passionate about practising what he preaches and improving his own health, his family’s and that of his clients.

"Give me a month to help you and I will give you better health."

  • Birkir Orn Stefansson, retail manager
    There are no extremes, merely guidance in a direction that agrees with the body. I wasn’t looking for a magic pill or short term solution. I wanted changes to my diet that I could maintain. I learned what to avoid and what I could add instead. Without dramatic changes I completely changed the way I eat to the better. I was eating nutritionally better and better in every way. By adding a couple of weeks of training I started seeing great results. My pants got bigger, causing a fun (but expensive) problem which required new pants.
    Birkir Orn Stefansson, retail manager
  • Gudni Gunnarsson, Lifestyle Consultant,
    David’s book, 30 Days – A Way to a Better Lifestyle is simply great! It is a timely and forthright truth about how easy it is to change your lifestyle and the way you eat in a way that you can maintain and without it being too hard. David is blunt in his discussion about the benefits of eating natural and unpolluted foods and makes it easy for you with varied meal plans and resources that are both simple yet effective. … By doing things the way David encourages you to do you can regain your strength and health – no matter how you feel today, and take matters into your own hands to gain happiness and prosperity. You and yours deserve that. Thank you, David, for your contribution.
    Gudni Gunnarsson, Lifestyle Consultant,
  • Helga Margret Thorsteinsdottir, heptathlete and medical student
    David’s 30 days of clean eating program is ideal for people to test their way and find the foods that are right for them. I went through the program and liked it so much that I have maintained since. The program is first and foremost about eating clean and unprocessed foods without any extremes or magic solutions. The biggest benefit I found was much faster and better recovery after a tough training session. It doesn’t hurt that clean food is simply by far the best food!
    Helga Margret Thorsteinsdottir, heptathlete and medical student
  • Katla Hildardottir, nurse
    Throughout the years I’ve tried most of the fat burning pills, powders, diets and anything else out there in search of feeling better and getting more fitness results. I have been systematically doing fitness training for over a decade and have also been a trainer myself. About a year ago I was about to give up. Non stop pain in my joints, bloated, tired and fatigued. That’s when I tried David’s 30 days of clean eating program. The recipes are simple and don’t have an endless list of ingredients, and they taste good. Following the 30 day program the stomach aches were gone, I was not bloated, my joint pains had all but disappeared and I was full of energy. In this past year I’ve pretty much followed the program to a tee, I’ve never feelt better and never been in physically better shape. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending this program for anyone looking for better health and fitness.
    Katla Hildardottir, nurse
  • Hugrun Asdis Thorvaldsdottir, hairdresser
    I started following the 30 day clean eating program to learn how to eat right and listen to my body. I have never felt so good, both mentally and physically and I have learned so much. Eating clean is not complicated, it requires some organization to begin with but then it becomes a routine. I’m not complaining either that I lost 6 kilos in a short amount of time.
    Hugrun Asdis Thorvaldsdottir, hairdresser

Some of the results people have reported after following the 30 Day Program

  • People with diabetes have been lowering their blood sugar levels from 8 down to 4 in 20-30 days
  • People suffering from oesophageal reflux have recovered greatly and some have even been able to stop taking medication for their condition.
  • People suffering from high cholesterol have often been surprised at all the fat and eggs the plan includes, but many are seeing an average lowering of their cholesterol from 8 to 5.
  • Many fibromyalgia patients have seen great results simply through 30 days of following a clean eating plan.
  • Tons of fat and excess water have disappeared and centimetres and inches have been greatly reduced.

30D 100% money back guarantee

Follow the plan and if you don’t like it, just contact me within 30 days for a refund. Simple as.


You are here because you know you can improve your health. Clean eating is the way to do it and the 30 Days of Clean Eating is the best way to learn about your body and the foods that are good for it.

You are responsible for your health.

Unhealthy food > unhealthy cells > unhealthy body

Healthy food > healthy cells > healthy body

It’s really that simple.

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

  • So rather than keeping that weight that I know you’d rather get rid of
  • Rather than walking around like you’re 6 months pregnant
  • Rather than letting sugar and junk food control your life
  • Rather than always being tired and never having the energy to do the things you want
  • Rather than be on a blood sugar roller coaster each and every day

Let me show you what clean eating can do for you.

  • Wouldn’t you love to be able to fit into your old clothes?
  • How about having that flat belly you’ve been missing for ages?
  • How about feeling clean and fresh and not a slave to the sugar demon!
  • How about not feeling those aches and pains anymore?
  • How about feeling full of energy and life and up for anything?!

It can be done, and it’s easier than you think. Let me show you how.


Here's Exactly What You Can Expect:

Prep Week

  • Start day: Welcome video and instructions regarding your food diary and prep
  • Prep 2: Introductions
  • Prep 3: Your Body’s Dashboard
  • Prep 4: Motivation!
  • Prep 5: More details on how the 30 day program works
  • Prep 6: Examining your food diary
  • Prep 7: Week 1 plan fully revealed

The 30 Days

  • Day 1: Start
  • Day 2: Why clean eating?
  • Day 3: Things you don’t want to hear
  • Day 4: This will happen!
  • Day 5: Why organic?
  • Day 6: Week 2 plan
  • Day 7: Motivation!
  • Day 8: Drinks and water
  • Day 9: The No-Go list
  • Day 10: Regular eating and exercise
  • Day 11: Protein, carbs and fats
  • Day 12: Week 3 plan fully revealed
  • Day 13: Fat
  • Day 14: Eggs and cholesterol
  • Day 15: Motivation!
  • Day 16: Nuts and seeds
  • Day 17: Soy
  • Day 18: Gluten
  • Day 19: Week 4 plan
  • Day 20: Lactose intolerance
  • Day 21: Supplements
  • Day 22: Coconut oil
  • Day 23: Stress
  • Day 24: Sleep
  • Day 25: Goal setting
  • Day 26: Bonus: Exercise program
  • Day 27: Bonus: Exercise program
  • Day 28: Bonus: Exercise program
  • Day 29: Bonus: Exercise program
  • Day 30: Bonus: Exercise program
  • Day 31: The next 30 Days


PDF downloadable lists:

  • Over 20 breakfast ideas!
  • Over 30 snack ideas!
  • Over 10 lunch ideas - and that’s not counting using leftovers from dinner or different smoothies!
  • Over 30 dinner ideas!Davíð

"I look forward to helping you towards a healthier life! See you in there - and keep it clean!"



Is this program for vegetarians or vegans?

Nope. This program does include meat and fish.

I have a medical condition. Can I still follow the program?

I am not a doctor and you should always consult your physician before making any drastic changes to your diet. Having said that, clean eating is in no way extreme. It’s just good, clean, wholesome food and you are not depriving yourself of anything that the body needs. On the contrary, you’ll probably be getting a lot more of the good stuff that the body needs.

Can I follow the program if I am pregnant or nursing?

I am not a doctor and you should always consult your physician before making any drastic changes to your diet. Having said that, clean eating is in no way extreme. It’s just good, clean, wholesome food and you are not depriving yourself of anything that the body needs. On the contrary, you’ll probably be getting a lot more of the good stuff that the body needs.

Who would benefit from eating clean?

Anyone who wants to improve their health, have more energy, lose weight or just simply feel better.

Do you include calorie counts in the recipes?

No, I don’t. This is not about counting calories or weighing your food but about eating clean and healthy. The program is designed so that if you follow it you will be eating regularly throughout the day and eating the right combination of proteins, fats and carbohydrates for optimum wellbeing.

Is this a weight loss program?

Yes and no. The main emphasis is on showing you how good you feel when you eat clean and how easy it can be. Eating clean can have multiple health benefits and has been shown to get blood sugar levels under control (which aids weight loss, amongst other things), get rid of various aches and pains, improve digestion, increase energy and improve health overall. Most people do lose some weight during the 30 Days although this is not something I can guarantee as there are many other factors involved in weight loss and I do not know your particular circumstances.


Got more questions? Drop me a line at